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Tribal Research and Cultural Institute was established under Tribal Welfare Department in the year 1970 as per decision of Government of India for launching studies on the socio-economic aspect of the Different Tribes of Tripura besides evaluation of all development schemes taken up for the benefits of the tribes. This institute deals in fundamental and applied research works on the socio-economic field , evaluation , documentation of Tribal Art and Culture, preservation of tribal heritage, publication of research studies. Tribal Research and Cultural Institute collects manuscripts on tribal history and tradition, development of languages of different tribes etc. In addition, this Institute is also engaged for organizing seminar, workshop on different aspects of tribal development of issues along with training programme for the field level officers. Tribal Research and Cultural Institute produces different documentary films on Socio-economic & traditional aspects of Tripura tribes. This institute also organizes fairs and festivals of different tribes of the state to unfold the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the indigenous people of the state and to promote brotherhood and cultural interaction.

1 Different wings of TR&CI
• Research Wing 
• Publication Wing
• Audio-Visual and Multi-Media Wing
• Tribal Language Wing
• Library
• Museum
• Auditorium
• Tripura State Academy of Tribal Culture

2 Research Wing
The major works involved with this wing is to undertake research studies on various socio-economic issues and evaluation of Tribal Development Scheme. This wing is responsible for organizing Seminar/workshop on different burning issues, arranging exhibition and coordinating training programme for the field level officers, Collection and selection of the Research articles for publication in “TUI- A journal on Tribal Life and Culture”. This wing also take initiative for finding out all possibilities of research and analytical studies related to tribal development. 

3 Publication Wing
The main function of this wing is to collect old and new manuscripts on tribal affairs, printing of research study report, re-printing rare and old books related to Tripura , Publication of the Research Journal “TUI” and literary Journal “SAIMA”. This unit promotes and sales books published byTR&CI. 

4 Audio-Visual and Multi-Media Wing
This wing works for proper documentation of the tribal life and culture of the tribal people of the state. The major works laid down to this unit are consist of several works, like collection and compilation of Tribal Folk Songs, Folk Music, Folk Art and taking initiative for documentation of these cultural traits in video format and multi-media format, beside proper depiction, display and narration in analytical views. This Unit also takes initiatives for producing Ethnographic Documentary films and feature film on tribal life and culture of the State.

5 Tribal Language Wing
This institute has specific programme for development of tribal languages through scientific approach. 31% of the total population of Tripura belongs to scheduled tribes. The major languages of these tribes are categorized in three groups i) Bodo group ii) Kuki-Chin group iii) Arakan groups. 
The works assignment of this wing are as follows: 
1. To take up research studies on each of the tribal dialects of the state, particularly on script, grammatical parts, oral literature etc, by using scientific method and approaches. 
2. To encourage and recognize scholars/researchers and writers for their contribution to develop Kok-Borok and other dialects by way of awarding grants/fellowship/honorarium. 
3. To organize seminar/workshop conference and take up new dimension of works for fundamental and applied studies and research on Kok-Borok and other tribal dialects. 
4. For popularizing Kok-Borok and other tribal dialects of the state among non-tribals, steps to conduct Kok-Borok Coaching classes for non Kokborok speaking Govt. employees. 
5. TR&CI is organizing the Kok-Borok Festival in every year on 19th January, since its 25th years of recognition day as State Languages in the year 2005 

6 Library 
Library itself is a bank of knowledge. Tribal Research and Cultural Institute has Established a rich Social Science Library for research and studies on tribal aspect of the state, having books on tribal life and culture of the Country, specially on North-Eastern tribes. .This library has become very popular among the scholars, researchers and interested readers. 

7 Museum
A State Tribal Museum depicting all components of tribal heritage and Culture had also been established. In this museum one can get the idea about the 19 Different Tribes of Tripura and their language, culture, socio-economic condition, dresses, ornament and every day life. Tripura state Tribal Museum was inaugurated by the Honourable Chief Minister, Tripura along with other dignitaries on 23rd Sep 2009.

8 Auditorium
Tribal Research and Cultural Institute is maintaining a Auditorium namely “Dasharath Sangduk Hukumu Surang Nawk” for promotion and performance of tribal cultural song and dances. The 329 seated Air conditioned auditorium has become the cultural centre of the Different Tribes of Tripura .

9 Tripura State Academy of Tribal Culture
A society, namely Tripura State Academy of Tribal Culture for Promotion of Tribal Culture had been set up during the year 2009-10. In this Academy classes are going of three year’s diploma course on tribal folk song, folk dance, folk musical instrument which is affiliated to Tripura University (A Central University).