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1 Research Studies

Different research studies like development of language and culture, socio economic condition of Tripura tribes, collection of historical elements and evaluation studies are being conducted in this Institute. Financial grant is also provided to the researchers who are conducting their work related to the Different Tribes of Tripura. Besides Evaluation of different govt. Scheme is also conducted 

1 Tribal Language Development

Major language of the Different Tribes of Tripura is “Kok-Borok” which is a language of Tibeto-Burman linguistic family. To develop this language, TR&CI organize seminar/workshop and regularly publishes books on Kok-Borok grammar, poem, short story, folk tales. Condensed Course on Kok-Borok language is also being conducted for non Kok-Borok speaking Govt. employees. Besides books on other tribal languages are also published by this institute. 

1 Publication 

Tribal Research and Cultural Institute publishes books related to Socio-economic condition , Tradition , life & Culture of the tribes of the State. This institute reprints the rare and old books related to Tripura. A bi-annual Research Journal “TUI” and a literary Journal “SAIMA” are published by Tribal Research and Cultural Institute ,Tripura. 

1 Documentation works

TR&CI have specific programme for documentation of ethnic features of Tripura tribes. By this time ethnographic documentary film have been produced on major Tripura tribes . Feature film has also been produced on different folk based stories and tribal social leaders. Documentaries are also produced on rites and rituals. dance ,festivals , sport etc of the Different Tribes of Tripura. 

1 Seminar/ Workshop/Training

TR&CI,Tripura conducts seminar/workshop on different burning issues related to Tribals, terminology and script of different Tribal languages. Moreover TR&CI supports different academic organizations for conducting seminar/workshop on tribal aspects as collaborative programme. Training also being conducted by TR&CI for tribal young boys and girls for promoting age old weaving, crafts and design etc. Tribal Research and Cultural Institute regularly organizes workshop on folk dance ,song ,medicinal practices, teaching etc. 
Tribal Research and Cultural Institute organizes Kokborok Coaching classes for non Kokborok speaking Govt. employees

1 Ethno-Cultural Museum

TR&CI,Tripura maintains an Ethno-Cultural Museum depicting natural life and culture of each of the Tripura tribes. Beside there are display of Tribal Dress, Ornaments, Artifacts, Weaving materials, Hunting and fishing materials and all sort of musical instruments. In this Museum, there is a small auditorium for projection of tribals ethnic culture through video before the visitors, students and researchers. 

1 Library

Tribal Research and Cultural Institute has Established a rich Social Science Library for research and studies on tribal aspect of the state, having books on tribal life and culture of the Country, specially on North-Eastern tribes. .This library has become very popular among the scholars, researchers and interested readers. . All sort of facilities are being provided to the scholars. Every year updated books and new books are purchased to enrich the library. 

1 Auditorium 

Tribal Research and Cultural Institute is maintaining a Auditorium namely “Dasharath Sangduk Hukumu Surang Nawk” for promotion and performance of tribal culture, song and dances. This Air conditioned auditorium has 329 Nos. of seat capacity fecilitated with modern equipments and PA system. All sorts of cultural programme, seminar and workshops are being conducted in this Auditorium. This auditorium has become the cultural centre of the Different Tribes of Tripura . 

1 Tripura State Academy of Tribal Culture

A society, namely Tripura State Academy of Tribal Culture for Promotion of Tribal Culture had been set up during the year 2009-10. In this Academy classes are going of three year’s diploma course on tribal folk song, folk dance, folk musical instrument which is affiliated to Tripura University (A Central University). 

1 Associate Programme with Outside Institutes/Agencies

TR&CI from years together involved for collaborative programme with various Govt. Deptts. ,Universities as well as National Level organization like Indira Gandhi Rastriya Manav Sangrahalaya (IGRMS), Bhopal, TRIFED, IGNCA, NEZCC etc. 

1 Promotion of Tribal Culture

Tribal Research and Cultural Institute, Tripura promotes rich and colourful tribal culture of the state by organizing Tribal cultural Festival, Dance Festival etc. Musical Instruments ,cultural dresses and ornaments are provided to needy cultural troupes. TR&CI regularly organizes workshops on Tribal folksong and dance. A society, namely Tripura State Academy of Tribal Culture for Promotion of Tribal Culture had been set up by TR&CI,Tripura.