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It is a new dimension of work and a milestone for promoting and preserving age-old tribal culture of the state. The tribes of Tripura are different in their origin and a majority of them belong to the Bodo group of Indo-Mongoloid families. Like all other tribal groups in the world, the tribal people of Tripura are rich in cultural folklore which has been handed down from generation to generation and is facing challenges of extinction due to modern waves of life. These have also created an ethnic identity crisis among them. So, to restore and revival of the colorful traditional heritage and Culture a society, namely ‘Tripura State Academy of Tribal Culture’ had been set up during the year 2009-10. 


  The major activities of this Academy are as follows: 


• Conducting short term in house Diploma courses on Tribal Folk Song, Tribal Folk, Dance and Kham. 

• Promotion, Preservation and Development of traditional and age-old tribal culture in the areas of vocal music, dance and instrumental music, craft and design through fundamental and applied research work. 

• To take initiative for focusing the tribal Folk Culture at a national perspective. 

• Exchange programme with neighboring states in the fields of vocal music, Folk songs and other cultural activities. 

• To explore and promote tribe-wise culture of the state. 

• To award outstanding persons for their contribution in the field of tribal culture in general. 

• To create a sense of harmony and awareness of Tribal Culture in the mind of public, among students of schools and colleges. 

• To award Diploma/Degree Certificates to the successful students enrolled for the course. 


  Three year’s diploma course


In this Academy classes are going of three year’s diploma course on tribal folk song, folk dance, folk musical instrument (Kham) which are affiliated to Tripura University (A Central University). 

Total no of seats per batch is 100 ( Folksong-25 ,folk dance-50 ,Kham-25) 

Eligibility for admission: Madhyamik passed with knowledge in related subject.


 Executive Committee of TSATC

Admission form of TSATC


  1. Admission Form for Degree Course.
  2. Admission Form for Diploma Course.