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Uchai tribes are living in Tripura since time immemorial. They have migrated in Tripura from Arakan Hills of Myanmar. As per 2011 Census Uchais are only 2,447 persons in this state and concentrated mainly in Amarpur and Belonia Sub-Division. According to folk tales, Uchais and Reangs are of same origin and ethnically belong to Mongoloid tribes. Language and culture of Uchais are also similar with other Kok-Borok speaking tribes like Reangs, Tripuris, Jamatias etc. Uchais also live in Tong(Gaireng) house built out of changrass (Thatch) and bamboos.
Traditionally Uchais were jhum cultivators and still practice jhum cultivation in high hillocks and slopes. In jhum they used to produce everything they need . They still depend on many other economic and food gathering activities in the forest. They hunt wild animals, birds. Now -a-days Uchais are accustomed to plough cultivation and settled in plain areas along with other tribes.
Culturally Uchais are very much colourful. Their traditional dress, ornaments and musical instruments have special attraction. They observe their ceremonies with great joy . Uchais dance in colourful dresses alongwith sweet melodies of flute and drum much to the delight of all.